August/Peridot Birthstone Jewelry Collection

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Sterling Silver Faceted Peridot Pendant - deelytes-com
Oval Peridot Sterling Silver Earrings - deelytes-com
Peridot Leaf and Branch Pendant - deelytes-com
Fan Design Marquise Peridot Wrap Ring - deelytes-com
Peridot and White Topaz Sterling Silver Ring - deelytes-com
Peridot Leaf and Branch Earrings - deelytes-com
Multi-Gemstone Sterling Silver Ornate Ring - deelytes-comMulti-Gemstone Sterling Silver Ornate Ring - deelytes-com
4 Band Multi-Gemstone Sterling Silver Ring - deelytes-com
Gold Multi-Gemstone Necklace - deelytes-comGold Multi-Gemstone Necklace - deelytes-com

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