Choosing the right ring can be difficult, and once the stone and setting are found, buyers need to ensure the ring fits perfectly. Ring shoppers can learn various ways to measure their fingers and then use the most convenient method before purchasing a ring. Knowing their ring size allows shoppers to purchase jewelry with confidence when the option of trying the ring on beforehand is not available. This is especially true when purchasing rings online. Ring shoppers should learn how to measure the size of their fingers, and buy rings that fit perfectly.


Determine Ring Size with a Ring Size Chart

Using a ring size chart is among the simplest ways to determine ring size. First, wrap a strip of paper or string around your finger and hold it taut with no overlap. Snip or mark the string where the two ends meet, and then measure the paper or string against a ruler to the nearest 1/16th inch. Generally, 1/16th inch increases the ring size by half an inch. Find the measurement on the chart below to determine ring size.




Ring Size

1 3/4


3 3/4

1 13/16



1 7/8


4 1/2

1 15/16





5 1/2

2 1/16



2 1/8


6 1/2

2 3/16



2 1/4


7 1/2

2 5/16



2 3/8


8 1/2

2 7/16



2 1/2


9 1/2

2 9/16



2 5/8


10 1/2

2 11/16



2 3/4


11 1/4

2 13/16


11 1/2

2 7/8




It is a good idea to wrap the paper or string around the knuckle as well as the base of the finger. This way, modifications can be made to ensure that the ring will not be too tight for the knuckle and not too loose at the base.

Measure Ring Size with an Existing Ring

Many websites offer ring size charts that allow buyers to place a ring they already own over a circle that represents ring size. Choose a ring that properly fits the intended finger. Place the ring over a circle, matching the inside edge of the ring to the circle nearest in size. This measurement refers to the inside diameter of the ring. The circle that best matches the ring should be the correct ring size. If the ring falls between two sizes, choose the larger size. This way of measurement is good for those looking to give a ring as a surprise.

Find Ring Size with a Finger Size Strip

Some jewelry websites offer a printable ring sizer. Prospective buyers print and cut out the sizer, including a slit at one end. Then, they can wrap it around their finger, inserting the narrow end into the slit. The sizer has numbers on the outside that represent the ring size. Pull the loop around the finger and pull until the fit is snug but comfortable. When printing the sizer, the printer must be set to 100 percent to ensure the correct measurement.

Know When to Resize a Ring

It is common for people to get their rings resized. For some, it's weight gain or weight loss, or it could be the desire to wear the ring on a different finger. Resizing is common and can almost always be done, although there are a few exceptions. Decreasing the band size is a simple process for an experienced jeweler. The jeweler cuts out a small portion of the band and reshapes the ring back to its circular shape. The ring is then welded to ensure that the resizing of the ring is not visible. To increase ring size, the ring needs to be cut and an additional piece of the band soldered in. Extreme adjustments of two or more sizes may result in a noticeable change in the look or structure of the ring. Discuss ring sizing with a jeweler to ensure there will be no visible flaws.

Things to Consider When Measuring Ring Size

A ring is an important investment and it is best to do proper research to determine what size is needed. Several factors should be considered when measuring for ring size.

  • Fingers tend to swell during summer months and deflate during the winter. Adjust the measurement accordingly.
  • Measure ring size three to four times to ensure no mistakes have been made.
  • Fingers swell during pregnancy or when taking steroid-based medications. Make adjustments accordingly.
  • Measure ring size at the end of the day and when fingers are warm. Fingers are smaller in the morning and when they are cold.
  • Jewelry stores usually only charge once for a resizing. A reputable store should not charge multiple times.

Ring shoppers should take their time when purchasing a ring to ensure they get the most comfortable and accurate fit. Keep in mind that the size of fingers can fluctuate, depending on the weather and the season.


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